IBA Teams Praised by DHSS

Falls Church, VA – Several IBA teams supporting the Defense Health Services Systems Program Executive Office were recognized during a quarterly All Hands meeting on Nov. 20, 2014. Each received framed certificates of appreciation from DHSS, one of the largest PEOs within the Defense Health Agency.

Work for MHS Learn, the Defense Medical Human Resource System internet, TRICARE Encounter Data, and the Patient Encounter Processing and Reporting was cited by the DHSS Resources Division. The MHS Learn team was lauded for exceptional creativity, cooperation, and collaboration in the on-time delivery of privacy training for the Military Health System. MHS Learn is a web-based e-learning portal for DHA that delivers training 24/7 to military and civilian healthcare staff worldwide.

The DMHRSi team was cited for successfully completing three major projects: building and testing a global data repository, information support planning, and upgrading DMHRSi’s Oracle e-Business Suite. The team was praised for its “superior and sustained performance” and for displaying “excellent logistical, operational, technical, and functional skills with a ‘can do’ attitude” in completing the work. DMHRSi manages human resources for DHA and is the only integrated HR system within the Department of Defense.

The PEPR team was cited for its successful work in converting PEPR from Cognos to Business Objects and implementation of International Classification of Disease Version 10. The team was lauded for its “excellent management skills” in managing the conversion. The DHA uses PEPR to analyze purchased care claims data submitted by TRICARE managed care support contractors.

The TED team was cited for its “top-quality and exceptional performance in completing the development, testing, and validation of the ICD-10 implementation,” for TED and the Purchased Care Data Warehouse. The team was praised for its “tenacious ability to deliver a high quality product to our customers on time and every time.” TED records, collects, verifies, and tracks billions of dollars annually in purchased care claims and encounter data for TRICARE, the global health care program for military members and their families.

The DHSS Clinical Division cited work by the Enterprise Institutional Review Board team and the Joint Centralized Credentials Quality Assurance System team. The EIRB team was praised for its “perseverance, dedication, and exceptional analytical and negotiating skills,” in successfully obtaining an authority to operate for the EIRB which tracks and monitors patient research within the MHS. The JCCQAS team received a DHSS Agile award for implementing “innovative strategies” to deliver software upgrades using an Agile hybrid or Rational Unified Process. The JCCQAS is the single interagency system for medical credentialing within the Department of Defense and the Department of Veterans Affairs.

An Agile award was also presented to the Defense Occupational and Environmental Health Readiness System Hearing Conservation team for its seamless, daily interaction. DOEHRS-HC collects, maintains, compares, and reports hearing conservation, hearing readiness and deployment data for DoD personnel.

The DHSS Operations team was praised for working “tirelessly through various difficult periods, most notably absorbing DHSS Operations Support Center duties which resulted in improved incident resolution and customer satisfaction without any increase to existing staffing levels.”

The DHSS Fiscal Year 15 Business Transformation team was lauded for its “collaboration and creative strategies” that helped secure millions in investment and sustainment funding for DHSS.

The DHSS Content Management Tiger Transition Team was cited for the successful transition of DHSS from Army Knowledge Online to a collaborative SharePoint solution. The team was praised for improving “business processes without disrupting the normal flow of work…by tailoring the technical solution and conducting targeted training…resulting in significant DHSS efficiency improvements.”

About DHSS

The DHSS PEO builds and maintains products and services used throughout the Department of Defense’s Military Health System. These products and services help detect and contain the spread of disease worldwide; manage the global delivery of drugs and medical supplies; and track billions of dollars annually in healthcare services to nearly 10 million TRICARE beneficiaries. For more information about DHSS, visit www.health.mil/dhss

About IBA

IBA is a woman-owned professional and technical services firm with over 35 years experience delivering innovative work on the nation’s largest business and clinical IT projects. IBA’s teams specialize in mobile app development, program management, process reengineering, and Agile coaching, training and implementation. To learn more about IBA’s capabilities visit www.ibacorp.us




December 8, 2014

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