Technology is one of the three core competencies that make up the value propositions IBA delivers to clients daily to help them achieve critical mission goals and objectives. We provide a comprehensive, robust, and innovative portfolio of end-to-end service offerings, including health IT, Agile transformation, DevSecOps, mobile solutions, software development, cybersecurity, and data analytics.




As the health industry moves towards increased automation through electronic health records (EHR), the relationship between health and information technology is more symbiotic than ever. To answer the needs of the health community and the federal government, IBA offers a range of health information technology (HIT) services, processes, and tools to support healthcare transformation for customers. IBA’s support and expertise includes a multitude of services within the health domain to include health informatics, telemedicine, medical modeling and simulation, and HIT program management support.


The adoption of Agile practices and techniques enables our clients to make more efficient and effective business decisions. IBA’s Agile experience and expertise helps drive agility within your organization, helping teams accelerate time to market, improve quality and productivity, reduce risk, and align business and development objectives.


The goal of our DevSecOps software process and strategy is to create and improve collaboration for organizations while delivering a continuous flow of user-experience improvements via our automated software “production line.” This allows us to shorten the concept-to-customer delivery process from weeks to minutes. Our DevSecOps strategy allows teams to create repeatable, reliable, and incremental processes, taking software from concept to deployment.


Our mobile application development framework streamlines the development process, enabling the successful planning, development, and delivery of mobile applications. We help organizations rapidly plan, develop, and deploy their mobile strategy—from exceptional user experience to enterprise rollout—our teams manage your development efforts from start to finish.


IBA brings innovative software development and infrastructure operations support and expertise to keep mission operations running smoothly while reducing costs, increasing productivity, and focusing development efforts to ensure communications scalability for our customers. IBA works with product owners and stakeholders to provide continuous integration, automated testing, configuration, deployment, and metric collection process for the products delivered.


IBA’s cybersecurity support helps our customers proactively assess their vulnerabilities and drive beneficial security changes into businesses through the development or review of architectures so that they fit business requirements for security, mitigate the risks and conform to the relevant security policies, and balance information risk against cost and countermeasures.


IBA understands that data is the most important and powerful asset of any organization in helping to make important decisions. We explore data to gain insight that can be shared in a simplistic manner throughout your organization. We adopt the approach of understand, adapt, and transform, ensuring that all the solutions we deliver create a significant impact on your business. Our data management services are tailored to each solution, with services such as data conversion, data validation, and business intelligence.