IBA teams assist our clients in developing a strategic plan that reflects how the organization plans to function and grow over a significant period of time. We work with our clients to develop a mission or vision statement, formulate short-, mid-, and long-range goals, and we specify strategies for achieving these objectives. We divide loftier goals into smaller, strategic objectives. We develop action plans for each objective, spelling out what is to be done, when it will be done, and who will be responsible for each task.


Our approach consists of constructing a variety of scenarios that could occur due to internal or external events or changes and developing plans for addressing those issues. We work with our clients to identify vulnerabilities or threats, including the best- and worst-case outcomes, and then develop a series of action plans for each one. Our model also includes monitoring and assessment of progress at stated intervals.


We work with client organizations to establish prioritized objectives and then align them with respective action plans. Our team is experienced in developing a detailed SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats). We assist our clients in identifying areas for growth and improvement and in developing goals for their strategic planning.


Our strategic planning approach allows our clients to be proactive, rather than simply engaging in tasks randomly. We include all stakeholders in the strategic planning process, which creates buy-in from leaders of all functions within the organization. Through strategic planning, our clients can more accurately determine the allocation of resources in a way that promotes the plan. Additionally, our approach allows an organization to measure where it is and how it has progressed toward the objectives it has set, and then to modify accordingly.