Our robotics engineers conduct research on the medical application of robotics, unmanned systems, and autonomous devices. We work as part of a research team exploring innovative methods to provide standoff, remotely operated, and autonomous capabilities for combat casualty care, operational medicine, and force health protection.


We draft research proposals for battlefield systems incorporating robotics and autonomous devices, and we coordinate and conduct testing and evaluation of research prototypes in simulated tactical environments and during field exercises. We perform hardware and software integration to build proof-of-concept prototypes for novel applications of robotic and autonomous systems technology. We research and prototype robotic enablers for application in other convergent scientific domains, such as human performance augmentation and prosthetics.


We perform market research into unmanned systems (UMS), robotics, and autonomous devices to evaluate products and capabilities for integration into military medical battlefield systems. We provide programmatic and technical oversight and execution management assistance. This includes reviewing reports, plans, and prototypes.


IBA fosters collaborative partnerships with industry, academia, and other federal agencies, and we support development and approval of government-sponsored collaborative agreements. We have subject matter experts that possess the ability to solve complex problems through the research and application of relevant theories, methods, and techniques.