We apply our operational medical logistics experience and established relationships with federal stakeholders to drive service-scalable business integration and data management solutions. For example, we assisted our Department of Defense client in realizing the goal of a single solution for medical maintenance and assemblage management.


We work with industry leaders in medical logistics to normalize, enrich, and sustain data in millions of medical equipment records. This enables our clients to perform enterprise-level equipment planning and standardization and to normalize the equipment data to more accurately document equipment used in care delivery. We develop integrated workflows, management tools, and governance to efficiently and effectively satisfy both local and enterprise medical logistics data needs.


We work closely with the military services, Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), and commercial partners to develop a master data management and integration strategy that will take the military health system from the “as is” local model to the future of the Defense Medical Logistics enterprise. For MEDLOG, this includes data about supplies, pharmaceuticals, facilities, equipment, assemblages, customers, and transactions.

We work with our medical logistics client stakeholders to identify high-level MEDLOG capabilities and decompose them into highly structured functional requirements. With decades of MEDLOG experience, our capability is elevated from simple requirements gathering to leap-ahead supply chain consulting, stakeholder management, and business process re-engineering.


The outputs of IBA’s MEDLOG solutions enhance patient safety, reduce cost, and increase process efficiency. These efforts are backed by research, analysis, modeling and forecasting, and published reports to lead strategy and the success of mission-critical projects for our clients.