IBA’s human factors engineering provides a unique approach to test and optimize emerging military medical capabilities, specifically focusing on improving human clinical decision making and patient outcomes. We work with the Department of Defense, industry, and academia to define and prioritize requirements and approaches that enhance communication methods across the care continuum.


We take great pride in our staff’s energy and dedication to support military health and readiness, and we partner with other research labs, academia, and industry to provide high-fidelity, simulation-based readiness training programs. We offer extensive data analysis of both structured and unstructured use cases to understand complexities introduced by in-person, written, and virtual learning. We work with our stakeholders to maintain readiness standards by continuing to develop training and testing technology that improves human performance in clinical care.


We are developing objective assessments with feedback mechanisms to improve skill acquisition and retention. We facilitate exercises by bringing in subject matter experts to training combat medics and provide improvement strategies.


Human factors support has demonstrated the ability to improve user acceptance of medical assist technologies and has reduced the cost of traditional long-term teaching and readiness assessments. Our goal is to develop a superior quality and efficient simulation systems that can be used to augment existing in-person training methods.