As the health industry moves towards increased automation and electronic health record (EHR) based solutions, the relationship between health and information technology (IT) is more symbiotic than ever. IBA uses cutting-edge technology to help our customers make better, faster mission-critical decisions. Our experts possess decades of healthcare and IT experience working on clinical and scientific projects for various federal government agencies, academia and industry. IBA offers the following health IT services:


EHR Modernization

IBA has vast experience and innovative approaches to enhance and integrate data and application to address the healthcare industry’s Electronic Health Record (EHR) directives. Our healthcare experts deploy innovative automation solutions to enhance the fidelity of big data and applications within EHR systems.



IBA has integrated and prototyped cutting-edge telecommunications technologies like robotics and unmanned systems (UMS) to help support clinical care in an operational environment. IBA’s experts conduct research on the application of advanced telehealth technologies to enhance patient care while enabling more efficient and immediate healthcare administration in critical care scenarios.

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Clinical and Scientific

IBA has delivered research management, clinical, technical and scientific support services throughout the military medical community. We provide operational support on research projects at Military Treatment Facilities (MTFs) throughout the United States, as well as globally at clinical sites.  Our science officers review medical research documentation for regulatory compliance, as our operations teams monitor, plan, develop and store data from research studies and clinical trials.

With repeated success, we have employed quality management and process improvement techniques to strengthen our regulatory compliance.  IBA’s clinical research support ranges from developing concepts, to implementing clinical studies and managing clinical use cases.  Our Research Statisticians conduct data organization and analysis and bring in-depth expertise to enlighten decision-making. IBA participates in studies, compiles documentation, produces case reports, conducts medical writing, and produces literature reviews.


Mobile Health

IBA can rapidly plan, develop, and deploy a mobile strategy tailored to a customer’s needs. IBA’s mobile health experts have supported and developed applications on various platforms for use on both mobile
and tablet devices. IBA’s mobile applications are developed with a goal to ease health administration and improve patient experience.


Health Informatics/Data Analytics

IBA has demonstrated experience and expertise supporting large health and clinical care systems within the federal government. IBA has managed big data, as well as, performed data extraction and consolidation to fulfill customer’s reporting and data retention requirements.  IBA data analysts, well-versed in health and data use regulations, coordinate clinical protocols against appropriate regulatory agencies to maintain compliance with policies and directives.



DevOps is a part of IBA’s software development process unifying Agile development, user experience, and security. DevOps is crucial to the success of software-driven organizations and it enhances IT responsiveness which allows IBA to deliver greater benefits to customers. IBA has developed a go-to market Agile/DevOps solution platform that can be tailored, customized and demonstrated to address a customer’s specific organizational and operational requirements.

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Medical Modeling & Simulation

IBA uses open source and open architecture systems to help develop and conduct models and simulations to enhance medical training environments. IBA’s team of medical modeling and simulation professionals create mission-critical medical simulations to enhance preparedness and readiness of other medical professionals administering patient care often in critical care environments.


IBA offers a range of IT services, processes and tools to support healthcare transformation. IBA’s approach is based on the infusion of innovative technologies with decades of healthcare experience and expertise.


Accelerate high quality deployment
of EHR modernization


Execute an Agile/DevOps solution to meet specific organizational and operational needs


Address healthcare challenges with
automation platforms and devices


Apply telehealth best practice


IBA supports federal government agencies and industry to spread the use of IT automation and innovative healthcare platforms. IBA’s support services provide the following benefits:


Agile/DevOps Platform

A cloud-based Agile/DevOps platform that can be customized and tailored to meet organizational requirements
and specifications, the platform will define or redefine processes to reduce steps in delivery and increase speed by automation.

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Telehealth Expertise

Virtual healthcare experts, physicians, biomedical and human factors engineers, project officers and other telehealth and telemedicine professionals providing next generation health IT support services to research labs and centers, research & development (R&D) projects, and other scientific or clinical initiatives.


Mobile Health Efficiencies

Developing and supporting web-based mobile applications that eases health administration and empowers patients.

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Health Informatics and Data Analysis

Experienced project managers and technical subject matter experts (SMEs) providing data management and industry leading best practices for data analytics, this combined ability to manage and analyze big data ensures IBA remains at
the forefront of this critical healthcare service.

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Access to and Partnerships with Industry-best Services and Platforms

Committed to offering operationally efficient support that will maximize value, satisfaction, and responsiveness to customers; IBA is both an ISO 9001-2008 and ISO/IEC 20000-1:2011 certified company. IBA is also a CMMI® Level 3 company for Development and Services. IBA is a proud member of the Amazon Partner Network (APN). As an APN Technology Partner, IBA can leverage tools, training, and support to efficiently build solutions on Amazon Web services (AWS). IBA has additionally formed strategic partnerships with Microsoft Azure, Red Hat, Docker, and Pivotal.




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