IBA teams are well versed in business process integration and improvement principles. We consistently apply these principles to evaluate program performance and assess program function effectiveness. Using this data, we recommend any changes required to successfully meet program objectives.


Our team follows a multiphase approach for continuous process improvement for our clients. We begin by defining a set of measures that assess key business requirements against attributes of performance, compliance, quality, and value. We then document and prioritize to deploy a structured approach to gather, process, and analyze measurement data and prioritize process improvement opportunities. We focus on correcting the root cause of problems to prevent future issues, and we update processes, procedures, templates, tools, and training materials..


We develop operational plans for our clients to achieve business process improvement. The first step in our plan is to develop a quality management system (QMS) business manual, containing the organization’s high-level policies. We then work with the appropriate client stakeholders to develop process guides explaining how each process operates, the roles and responsibilities for each process, and how we will monitor, measure, and improve the process.


To enable business process integration, we work closely with our clients to analyze and assess existing processes and identify deviations or gaps. Through this multithreaded approach, we analyze existing and recommended functionality to develop a single, integrated IT process and solution, resulting in cost savings and improved efficiencies for our customers.