IBA provides cybersecurity services that empower and protect security-conscious enterprises. We help businesses and organizations meet their security objectives by establishing security management controls such as policies, standards, processes, and a mechanism for measuring performance and progress.

IBA’s security engineers and information assurance analysts utilize the DoD Information Assurance Risk Management Framework (DIARMF) to provide ATO support.


IBA proactively performs assessments to expose weaknesses in systems and identify paths that are vulnerable to exploitation. We use the Risk Framework Model to achieve uniform levels across applications and systems and improve security. We work closely with our customers to help uncover vulnerabilities and identify steps to reduce risks within the business.


We ensure that all client software applications have the appropriate level of security documentation, including vulnerability assessments, risk evaluations, Plan of Action and Milestones (POA&Ms), and RMF documentation, directly supporting mission assurance by mitigating design deficiencies. We assist in identifying system-critical items and developing risk mitigation strategies to prevent a breach of system security. Additionally, we ensure compliance with vulnerability management requirements and DoD Ports, Protocols, and Services (PPS) registration requirements and technical restrictions on PPS usage.


• Provide guidance on risk management principles and best practices
• Provide a common language to address and manage cybersecurity risk
• Outline a structure for organizations to understand and apply cybersecurity risk management
• Identify effective standards, guidelines, and practices to manage cybersecurity risk in a cost-effective manner