Our team possesses the subject matter expertise to determine what level of acquisition support and documentation are required for our clients at any given point in the system’s life cycle. This experience is based on a deep understanding of the system development life cycle, as defined in the DODI 5000.02 and other relevant statutes and regulations. IBA acquisition analysts are well trained to support the creation of specialized documentation, such as the life cycle sustainment plan, program protection plan, acquisition decision memorandum, and information support plan for our clients.


IBA supports external and internal management efforts for our clients with a focus on organizing, preparing, and managing program justification documents for acquisition milestone reviews. Our team has created a standardized, repeatable process for in-processing transitioning systems into our client environments. This includes developing the required documentation for cost, schedule, and performance intake and reporting.


Our team supports development and maintenance of documents related to the acquisition category (ACAT) product life cycle and business capability life cycle for our clients according to federal and DoD acquisition requirements. We plan, research, coordinate, develop, and maintain required acquisition documentation. This includes developing an acquisition management plan as well as acquisition documents required for tailored master artifact lists. We support the development of life cycle cost estimates for our clients. This encompasses defining and documenting the CES, program assumptions for product development and deployment, cost assumptions, and fielding requirements. Our team ensures compliance with federal and DoD acquisition requirements, while following the best practices of the Defense Acquisition Guidebook. We also document risks and rationale for cost estimates, sufficiently detailing the assumptions for each cost element.


Our team’s innovation and acquisition management experience in moving from concept to reality has repeatedly been demonstrated in harmonizing the emerging organizational structure and creating repeatable process and standards for our customers. IBA is a front-runner in moving initiatives from discussion to actualization on behalf of our clients.