IBA specializes in delivering the right teams to make our clients successful. We offer experts in program, acquisition, financial, contract, and risk management. We help clients establish the clear processes and procedures required to successfully evaluate their program’s effectiveness. We recommend changes needed to achieve objectives and capture and apply lessons learned to continuously improve performance.

Accurate execution of projects and programs drives cost containment, sustainability, growth, and profitability. We excel at turning our clients’ strategic visions into fully operational capabilities. We are a leading provider of complex program and project management. Our teams of junior and senior experts deliver cost-effective, high quality management solutions to help our clients accomplish their most challenging missions.


As the health industry moves towards increased automation and electronic health records (EHR), the relationship between health and IT is more symbiotic than ever. IBA has provided stellar planning, operations, and service execution to the Military Health System (MHS) for over 25 years.

IBA has supported the Department of Defense (DoD), Defense Health Agency (DHA), US Army and other Federal Government agencies to promulgate the use of IT automation and innovative healthcare platforms. IBA’s support and expertise encapsulates a plethora of services to include health informatics, telemedicine, mobile health, data analytics, and providing health information technology (HIT) program management support on telehealth/telemedicine projects.


As the government and commercial vendors continue to do “more with less,” software teams implementing IBA’s agile scrum solutions are delivering higher quality releases faster with reduced costs and risks. IBA’s agile experts are technology partners with our clients. We offer decades of experience training teams in agile development for federal and commercial clients.

IBA’s agile solutions include coaching, training, staffing, and development. Each client receives a detailed assessment that includes a customized plan on how IBA will implement agile projects that deliver measurable results.

IBA has over two decades experience in agile software development best practices. We can quickly transition our clients from waterfall to agile projects that will deliver programs faster and cut costs.


IBA’s DevSecOps software strategy and process allows our clients to deliver quality products to support dynamic business needs as fast and efficiently as possible. Our goal is to create or improve collaboration while delivering a continuous flow of user-experience improvements to customers and shorten the concept-to-customer delivery process from weeks to minutes.


We help our clients solve their toughest technology problems. We deliver tailored solutions in IT management, design, development, and operations. Our technology solutions are reliable, maintainable, and scalable and we offer full product services from architecture, design, development, to integration, implementation, hosting, and support.

We focus our IT development on achieving the three fundamental customer requirements: cost, schedule, and performance.


IBA is a leading provider of dynamic mobile apps for federal, commercial, and educational clients. Our teams of skilled developers build apps for all web-enabled devices including iPhones/iPads, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows phone.


IBA’s financial teams are experts in budgeting and financial management, procurement and contract administration, auditing and accounting. We ensure your financial systems comply with all standardized accounting principles. Our teams are experts in all regulation and reporting requirements of the Department of Defense Financial Management, Government Accounting Office, Department of the Treasury, and the Office of Management and Budget.