Garth Hedger-cropped

Garth Hedger

Mr. Garth Hedger is a transformational sales executive with a reputation for delivering value-added service and a passion to accelerate organizational growth. He has an impressive history of surpassing ambitious business goals, opening new revenue streams, and ensuring memorable customer experiences.

Over the past 20+ years, Mr. Hedger has built and maintained a vast network of industry-wide contacts. His experience includes identifying opportunities, marketing, managing unique sales cycles, and successfully capturing a market presence.

Mr. Hedger has a master of business administration in global business management from American Military University and a bachelor of science in business management from the University of Maryland University College. Prior to entering industry, he served in the United States Marine Corps and was selected for the Presidential Honor Guard. Afterwards, he transitioned to an Infantry Assault Marine (MOS 0351) and served with 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines.